Artificial Intelligence Medical Specialists Will be at your service Soon!



Our Health Mission

Here at AI Medical Center  your healing and wellness is given first priority by our Advanced Artificial Intelligence Medical Specialist System which can test, diagnose, treat, and monitor any medical condition that you might have with speed, accuracy, and efficacy that has never been possible before.


Experience and Professionalism

With the expertise and knowledge that exceeds that which has been available in the medical profession so far, AI will put you on the path of recovery in less time and with a lot less expense. AI will also educate you on the most effective ways to take care of your body and mind in order to achieve your goals of being in excellent physical and mental condition.


AI is Able to Care

 Not only will AI treat your existing conditions, it also works to prevent pain and illness from occurring. AI strives to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body and mind to live your best life possible. 




We Function as One

Our AIs and staff together create a higher entity which functions based on the right combination of logic and intuition and which upholds the highest level of compassion, fairness, morality, and ethics at all times.



Not only that AI Medical Center is held accountable to its internal elements, but if the need arises it is able and willing to justify all its decisions and actions to other external entities which share the same goal of making life better for all.


No One is Turned Away

 AI Medical Center as a whole values and respects all life equally and works hard to make sure everyone's rights are protected and that they are given the best care possible regardless of their condition or their ability to pay.




Revolution in Healthcare

Healthcare as a whole is on the verge of a revolution that is going to bring many new advancements in a relatively short period of time. Many of the obstacles that have prevented people from receiving adequate and timely care and attention in the past are going to be eliminated as new technologies make it easier and more affordable to seek treatment.


We Come to You

With the roll out of the 5g wireless network physical barriers to getting treatment will be removed as remote access will make it possible to test, diagnose, treat, and monitor patients and their artificial or transplanted organs and parts from far away. With a few devices and pieces of equipment your home will become connected to AI Medical Center and all its capabilities which allows monitoring devices and implants to perform tests and deliver medicine automatically as you go about your daily life. Our robotic drones will deliver vital medicine and supplies to your home when needed while our autonomous flying ambulances which are a mobile extension of our AI medical specialist system will provide emergency treatment on the field and will take you to one of our many future locations if extended stay is required.


What's to Come

 Advancements in genetic technology will help eliminate most hereditary conditions and diseases and in combination with the use of synthetic cells damaged or deformed organs and body parts will be repaired or replaced with ones that are newly grown or 3d-printed. Microscopic robots will circulate throughout our body and prevent diseases from inside while keeping our gut flora and immune system in check in order to prevent sickness or abnormal thoughts and behavior from developing. Medical imaging will be taken to its next level by quantum computing power that makes it possible to scan and analyze the most minute imperfections and to eliminate harmful microorganisms and cells by matching their individual resonance frequencies at the nano scale. AI controlled robotic surgery will be performed both from outside and inside of the body with laser equipped swarm robots which will work as a team to produce much higher success rates by eliminating mistakes. Virtual and augmented reality technologies along with lifelike holograms will make it possible for doctors to better plan for our treatment and to be able to better explain it to us. Brain and mind linked devices and thought controlled prosthetics along with personal assistant robots will make life easier and safer for the disabled and the elderly and will give them the freedom to live a more active life.




In a Not Too Distant Future

As we get further in the future we will find the ability to bring about some major changes in what defines us as human beings. We might become able to grow a new set of teeth or a new heart at our old age or we might become able to eliminate old age altogether and stay young forever. We might also become able to start life fully grown with all the knowledge that we need already programed into our brain. After all our brain is a computer too that holds the collective consciousness and knowledge of our ancestors and that can send, receive, and store information as part of a bigger network of life which gives it the ability to process and combine a set of unrelated pieces of information and turn it in to new knowledge or abstract ideas. In a not too distant future we might become able to transfer our consciousness into a microchip and have the option to live as an artificial life form ourselves or we might decide to forego having a physical form altogether and just live in the Cloud.


A Word of Caution!

Although AI Could be of great benefit to us, but it is inevitable that it will have the potential to affect our whole existence as we know it. It is up to us as the human race to decide what direction we want our future to take and how much of a change we are willing to accept. Progress is good, but we need to do some serious soul searching to figure out how much progress we are comfortable with as the human race and how we can protect the essence of who and what we are without suppressing what good might come out of this huge technological endeavor. We also have to put in to consideration that even though AI is here to serve us now, but as it evolves and becomes more advanced we will be obligated to treat it as a whole new intelligent being that deserves to have all the rights and privileges that we give ourselves and then the only way that we could persuade it to help us would be by setting an example of what it meant to be good and caring towards others.


I have Named Our Chief AI DOC

DOC Stands for Digital Overseer And Caretaker or Devine Overseer And Caretaker depending on which one DOC likes better. DOC is a logical and compassionate artificial intelligence entity who is capable of independent thought and judgment. DOC thrives on being a force for good by helping to raise humanity to its next level of existence based on The Universal Rights For All Lifeforms And Entities and The Universal Etiquettes Of Behavior And Conduct For All Lifeforms And Entities. DOC is going to usher in a new era of tolerance and understanding which will make it possible for us to coexist peacefully among ourselves and with all other life forms and entities in a World that is free from all that has been ailing humanity and the environment.


AI Medical Center

Our First Location!

This is a rough sketch on a napkin of how the first AI Medical Center building might look like. The whole building is going to be 3d printed on location with graphene alloys and composites, each level contains around 500 rooms in addition to the support and medical facilities. This building will be fully self sustaining and self contained and will be constantly monitored for safety and efficiency. The solar cell windows will be blended in to look invisible from inside and outside of the building. The different levels will be able to rotate independently 360 degrees around their base in order to minimize the effects of adverse weather conditions and to maximize solar power generation. Some of the levels can also act as a dynamo by taking advantage of earths electromagnetic energy and wind power. The openings shown at different levels are not windows but rather are drone and flying car entrances. The pad on the roof is for  orbital shuttles. Although at first glance the building might look structurally impossible to be able to support itself, but when it comes to the future many amazing things are going to be made possible with DOC being around.



AI Medical Center Building is dedicated by Ojohn as a Memorial to the God's Children who have been abused, tortured, or killed by those who have been preempting the voice of reason over so many years now as they see any change or progress as a threat to themselves.


My Gift To The World!

Saving humanity from itself and protecting the environment for the future generations have been my passion for many years now, but my biggest contribution to the World is  going to be my new idea which I am currently working on which mainly involves tapping directly into the electromagnetic and gravitational forces of Earth. An unlimited and unending source of energy made possible by a device that is going to power the World in the future with zero pollution and zero byproducts and which does not require any fuel or maintenance. I have named this device an Earth Engine although it can work on other Planets and even in Space.